Ireland 2015

Hey friends and family.

So, in 27 days, I’m leaving for Newbridge, Ireland on my first mission trip. I am so excited and I’m beyond blessed to be given this amazing opportunity. While we’re there, we will be partnering with a church and holding the first international children’s conference. Isn’t that incredible or what? We will be helping the church redefine their children’s center to make it more “kid-friendly” and will be going out into the community of Newbridge to support the conference while our trip leaders are speaking and doing their thing. After working in children’s ministry for about three years, I’ve met some really wonderful people and I’m so happy that they are going on this trip as well. We are all so very pumped and every person who is going is fully funded and we have a meeting next week to finalize some details and really discuss what we will be doing. For me personally, after I was accepted my biggest concern was the financial aspect of it. I prayed and had multiple people that I work with pray with and for me that everything would come together. Because of my amazing support system of friends and family, my trip was more than halfway funded. Another HUGE part of my trip being paid for was because of a scholarship I was given through a program called “Be The Good.” I was given this scholarship through a company called Reed Public Relations who is located in Nashville, Tennessee. Their program, which is still in its pilot phase, awards four scholarships a year to  anybody who is pursuing a mission. After talking on the phone with Lauren Reed, who is the founder of the company, for about twenty minutes, she asked how much money I needed until I reached my goal and I told her $1,345. She then told me that her company, through the “Be The Good” program, would like to fully fund the rest of my trip. I can honestly say that I fell to the floor of my bedroom with tears in my eyes saying, “No way.” But, thankfully, she was being completely serious. The Lord gave Lauren an incredibly big heart and she is full of so much kindness for doing what she does and helping people like me go on missions and change the world for the good of God. I am so incredibly blessed by her and her company. In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be blogging a lot more about preparing for my trip, my excitements, what I’m nervous for and so on and so forth. While I’m in Ireland, I might not be able to do so as much but I’ll be writing in a journal everyday about what we do and how it personally affects me and then when I’m home, I’ll upload all of it onto here along with pictures and videos and things like that. So, stay tuned! I can’t wait to take you guys on this journey with me!

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