Two months ago I wrote “My Heart to Serve.” I just now re-read it and I cried, a lot, and the Lord spoke on simple word to me: “update.” So, here I am. Updating y’all on my life and the craziness that’s going on in it.

Today I went to Tarrant County College and met with an advisor. After multiple degree changes in a semester, to thinking I knew what I wanted to do, to God being like “hey, this is what I want you to do,” I changed my  major for the last time and August 29, I start classes that’ll get me to having a degree. SO! Here’s what I’m doing with my life: teaching. I remember being in the fourth grade and saying to my teacher, “When I grow up, I want to be a teacher.” All these years later, I kept trying to stray from that path and do something else with  my life but always came back to the idea of being a teacher. Now, call me crazy, but I want to teach high school. High school history. From kindergarten to twelfth grade, I had some really horrible teachers. But, I also had some amazing teachers. Teachers I won’t ever forget (and even talk to all these years later!). For example, my sixth grade science teacher was legit. He scared me my first semester of school, but then easily became my favorite teacher. Coach Eason helped me through so much from grades sixth to eighth. When I went to high school, I would go to the middle school and see him, catch up with him, and give him beef jerky.. However many years later, we still email and I go up to Northwest ISD (a good thirty minutes away) and see him. So there’s one teacher. The other teacher who INSANELY impacted my life was the dear Sherrilynn Lee. She was my senior year math teacher.  Let me start this out with saying I absolutely hated math and everything to do with it. Math isn’t my strong suit; never has been and never will be. But, even though I hated the subject, I loved going to class, simply because I was able to see Mrs. Lee. She brought a lot of joy and happiness in my senior year, and her and I became close. I even called her “mom” for crying out loud. I remember at graduation, after everyone was escorted out of the auditorium, I received my paper diploma, and kept my family waiting so I could say goodbye to her. I cried then and I’m actually crying now (just a few tears) simply writing about it. I think one of my main regrets in high school is not telling Mrs. Lee how much I appreciated her and how much she meant to me. She was and is the best teacher I’ve ever had. With all that being said, I want to be that teacher to students. I want to be everything and more that Coach Eason and Mrs. Lee were to me. I want to be the reason students enjoy coming to history, even if they don’t like the subject. I want to help kids through the hell that is high school, and help them realize that there are greater things to come. Yeah, it’ll be hard. It’ll be really hard. But it’s all worth it to teach the one subject I love the most, and show the love of Jesus to students who may have never experienced that before.

So, there’s that. Now about Gateway.

Guys. I still love working at Gateway. To say it’s a blessing would be the BIGGEST understatement. Gateway is A M A Z I N G. I love my workers and more importantly, I love the kids I get to pour into each week. If you know about me and Gateway, then you know that I travel campus wide (except to Frisco – not about that 45 minute drive). Yeah, it puts miles on my car and I fill up more than I’d like, but I get to minister to more kids than I ever would’ve imagined. I also get to work alongside people who bring so much peace and love into my life (HUGE shoutout to my homie, Sophie Cundy). I know that God is working on me in a multitude of ways through this church and its children’s ministry. My heart has expanded in ginormous ways, and I now know how to love like Jesus does. Gateway Church is unbelievable and I’m incredibly lucky to call it my job and my home.

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